How to Make Vegetarian Pho

vegetarian pho

How to Make Vegetarian Pho

When a person who is vegetarian starts to get sick of eating Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), they probably are going to change their diet up. Some changes include giving up meat and watching out for what they eat. In addition, they may want to give up other dishes like appetizers, side dishes, and desserts as well.

Fortunately, some dishes can be modified to be made vegetarian by simply removing one or two items that would normally be found in the original dish. For example, eggs can be used in lieu of meat. It is also possible to remove cheese and beans from the soup.

A Vietnamese woman will likely not find it very difficult to make vegan Pho. If you decide to make this a main dish, you can also add a few spices like garlic, ginger, salt, and pepper. You may also like to add a little fish sauce, which usually adds a slight umami flavor.

By far, the easiest way to make vegetarian Pho is to use bean sprouts in place of the eggs. Bean sprouts are readily available at any grocery store and come in many different flavors. Some of them are a little smaller than the egg variety. Simply shred the bean sprouts, add them to the soup, and cook until they are tender.

The same can be done with tofu in place of the broth. Tofu has a very rich, almost milky taste.

Using rice noodles instead of Noodles will also result in vegetarian Pho. It is just a matter of preparing the noodles a little differently. For example, instead of soaking them in water, cook them and use a little vegetable oil to fry them while you prepare the soup.

Vegetarian Pho may be made without adding a whole beef bone, if you wish. It will most likely be a lot lighter and much more delicious than the original version.

Choosing how much meat to eat is another issue that may be discussed. Although some people have problems with how their bodies react to various meats, once they learn how to adjust their diets to be vegetarian, the issue will often go away.

A side dish, sweet and sour pork, may be substituted for the soup when a vegetarian Pho is being prepared. The sweet and sour pork is quite similar to the traditional pork but is sweeter. This may be an option for someone who doesn’t care for the soup.

Lastly, there are many desserts that can be substituted for Pho. These can be fruit desserts like mango sorbet, banana mousse, or pineapple sorbet, or have many variations in flavor.

These types of dessert are usually best served right before the meal. So, a dessert may be the perfect side dish to help replace the soup in the long run. In addition, these desserts may be a delicious addition to the soup.

Those looking to enjoy Vietnamese noodle soup, vegetarian Pho, and other dishes may need to try one of these substitutions first. They will probably agree that it makes the meal even better.