Is Vegetarian Split Pea Soup As Good As the Regular Non-Vegetarian Soup?

vegetarian split pea soup

Is Vegetarian Split Pea Soup As Good As the Regular Non-Vegetarian Soup?

Many vegetarians often wonder if vegetarian split pea soup is a good idea. A number of people claim that it’s “gross”. They claim that it has too much meat. And they say it doesn’t taste as good as the regular, non-vegetarian versions.

I can understand how a vegetarian could feel like a meat eater when it comes to vegetarian split pea soup. The soup is full of beans. I’m sure vegetarians find beans very attractive.

But with the vegetarian version of split pea soup, there is much less meat in the soup. It has no taste of beef or lamb. No need to squeal when you open the can of soup and realize that it has no beef or lamb.

You won’t even be able to tell the difference between vegetarian split pea soup and other non-vegetarian versions. For me, this just adds more to the enjoyment of eating this nutritious soup.

How do vegetarians come to the conclusion that these versions are not as tasty as regular versions? I’m sure it is not because vegetarians feel like they are missing out on something. They don’t feel deprived.

Vegetable soups are supposed to be more tasty than meat-based soups. This is one of the reasons vegetarians eat more vegetable soups.

Vegetables contain some fiber which makes them feel fuller for longer. They have an assortment of vitamins and minerals and have a lot of fiber. To top it all off, many vegetables taste great and are filling.

Vegetarians also believe that consuming vegetables makes you feel better. When you don’t eat meat and you’re eating healthier foods, you’ll start to feel better about yourself.

When it comes to making a good vegetarian soup, most cooks will choose to use chickpeas in their recipes. Chickpeas are a very good base ingredient.

But there are many types of bean out there which you can eat and will be tasty. Even lentils, split peas, fava beans, and garbanzo beans are tasty! You can also use various kinds of other vegetables.

Fava beans, tahini, peppers, onions, garlic, and spring onions all make great vegetarian soup. Spinach is great and, of course, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, and celery are perfect to add flavor.

By making it yourself, you have the freedom to make it in your own unique way and you can control how much and what you add to it. Now you can make vegetarian split pea soup at home and know that you can eat it and enjoy it without feeling like you’re missing out on something.