The Good and Bad of Vegetarian Cuisine

By definition, vegetarian cuisine is food that is grown without using animals or animal products. Vegetarianism does not necessarily mean going cold turkey though and it can still be fun to make meals without meat or animal products.

There are many reasons why people choose to be vegetarian. From preventing deforestation to animal rights, vegetarians are not only saving the planet but they are also saving their health.

So, what can you do to prepare vegetarian food at home? The fact of the matter is there are plenty of recipes available on the internet and in books that have been vegetarianized and have given the food a spruced-up look.

Most of these recipes are relatively easy to make vegetarian food at home. There are some exceptions though. And I will explain them in a bit.

The first category includes ingredients such as oil, butter, eggs, and animal products such as liver. These items are generally difficult to incorporate into recipes because of the moisture and fat content.

The second category includes ingredients such as rice, pasta, fruits, vegetables, soy, fish, and most nuts. These ingredients are often easier to incorporate into vegetarian cuisine because they tend to be less volatile than other ingredients.

It is possible to incorporate all of these ingredients into vegetarian cuisine. This is actually quite easy since there are many vegetarian foods that don’t involve using animal products.

For example, instead of using eggs in vegetable dishes, you can use tofu, tempeh, seitan, or another veggie substitute. Instead of making meats disappear entirely, you can use either an egg substitute or vegetarian sausage. You can use olives, tomato paste, cooked tofu, soy sauce, seasonings, tamari, and other flavorful condiments.

Rice is a common ingredient in some vegetarian cooking. While rice can be a major part of your meal, you should be sure to cook it in a skillet. This allows for browning, which is a necessary part of the cooking process.

Most foods that are cooked with other ingredients than meat can be made vegetarian at home without using meat. The trick is figuring out how to combine the right ingredients to recreate the same taste.

For example, many dishes can be served with or without dairy products. You might serve your seafood and pork dishes without using any cheese. Or if you are serving beans with your pasta, you could serve the beans without salt or any other additives.

If you want to get started making your own vegetarian cuisine at home, start by finding a few recipes from books and websites that have been vegetarianized. You can easily adapt these recipes to suit your own needs.